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At Anderson-Webb we are involved in the engineering, fabrication and installation of piping, vessels, skids, tanks, hoppers, stacks, silos and miscellaneous steel components. Our primary clientele includes the oil, gas, environment, and industrial manufacturing sector.

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Project Management

  • Project Planning

  • Scheduling - Primavera (Turnarounds and Projects)

  • Cost Control

  • Project Controls

  • Design and engineering (AutoCAD & spool fab)

  • FEL 1,2,3 estimating & planning


  • Oil refining and chemical production

  • Bio refining

  • Power generation

  • Pipeline maintenance 

  • Gas storage

  • Commercial plumbing

  • Water/waste water

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Plant Maintenance

  • Boilers, heaters, vessels, stacks and furnaces 

  • Tanks and pressure vessels

  • Exchangers and bundle repairs

  • Clarifiers and separators 

  • Hot taps

  • Piping

  • Nozzle repairs

Piping & Mechanical

  • Pipe fabrication

  • Pipe welding - carbon steel, alloy, chrome, charpy

  • Field installation

  • Equipment setting (pumps, vessels, tanks, towers)

  • Heavy lifting and rigging

  • Skid and module fabrication and installation

  • Instrumentation/tubing

  • Steam tracing

  • Threaded piping

  • Plastic HDPE fusion, PVC, CPVC, ABS, System 636

  • Victaulic piping, food grade piping, cast iron, ductile iron

  • Plumbing - Commercial and institutional 



  • PICs


  • TSSA - Repair and alternations of boilers, vessels, fittings

  • TSSA - Fabrication on B31.3 process piping

  • TSSA - Fabrication non-flammable medical gas

  • TSSA - Hot tap and line stop welding only

  • TSSA - Manufacture of pressure vessels

  • TSSA - Fabrication boiler section I piping

  • TSSA - Fabrication category A,B,H type fittings


  • Installation of vessels, towers, heaters and furnaces

  • Boiler assembly and installation 

  • Product tank maintenance and construction

  • Welding - Boiler tubes, furnaces, vessel wall overlay

  • Heavy lifting and rigging

  • Small pressure vessel construction

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Subcontract Management

  • Insulation and sheet metal 

  • Scaffolding

  • Millwrighting

  • Machining 

  • Instrument and electrical 

  • Cranes

  • Heat treatment (PWHT and pre-heat)

  • Paintings and coatings

Turnarounds & Pit-Stops

  • Complete turnaround executions (100,000 hours and $20M)

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Laser Scanning

  • Our approach is to directly overlay the laser scanned "point cloud" of your facility into the CAD design model converting existing piping and equipment into a dimensionally accurate virtual CAD environment

  • Capture over 1M pixels per second over a 360 degree field of view, with a measurement range up to 365m (1,200') and a potential resolution up to 0.1mm (0.004") 

  • Allows for accurate data capture in a single visit, eliminating multiple re-visits to manually verify measurements and avoiding associated operational disruptions. 

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