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Meeting at construction site

Health & Safety

Anderson-Webb Limited's 100% Safe "Zero-Incidents Performance" Philosophy 

Zero Incident Performance: Through training, planning and employee awareness, zero incident performance is achievable. Senior management shall exert sustained leadership in establishing goals and demanding accountability for health, safety and environment performance. Program development and review are the direct responsibility of all line management. Line management must be fully committed to and be continually involved in the HS&E process to meet sustainable zero incident performance objectives.

All Incidents are Preventable: Anderson-Webb is firmly committed to the premise that all incidents that result in injury to people, damage to equipment or property and have a negative impact on the environment can be prevented. We believe activities can be conducted in a manner that will provide a safe and productive environment to enable all employees to return home as physically sound as when they arrived.

Partners in Health, Safety and Environment: A conscious effort is expected from all employees to achieve a safe and healthy environment in which to work. Employees are expected to arrive at work in a proper mental and physical condition capable of performing their assigned tasks.  Further, they must be prepared to follow and comply with the health, safety and environment programs developed by Anderson-Webb. Employees must attend required training and be aware of hazards identified in the workplace. Carelessness or disregard of established health, safety and environment standards and practices will not be tolerated.


Anderson-Webb Limited is committed to serving everyone in a manner that preserves dignity, promotes independence and integration, and provides equal opportunities.

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