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Chemical Plant


Our portfolio spans multiple industries and clients in the Southwestern Ontario Region. From large scale plant turnarounds to small scale maintenance retrofits, our team continually delivers outstanding results that are cost effective, safe and reliable.

Origin Materials 2022-2023

Origin 1 is a brand new facility that was constructed on the Arlanxeo property in Sarnia, Ontario. The facility was constructed by Anderson Webb as the prime contractor in coordination with several local sub-contractors. Origin 1 is a commercial-scale entity with a vision to produce sustainable materials like chloromethylfurfural ("CMF"), primed for transformative applications in packaging, textiles, automotive, and more. Their commitment extends to hydrothermal carbon ("HTC"), versatile in its use as fuel pellets, activated carbon, and a carbon black substitute, all driven by our patented technology platform.


Shell Sarnia Manufacturing Centre

Shell - Sarnia Manufacturing Site

Our enduring commitment to the Major Maintenance and Capital Projects programs remains unwavering. We stand firmly behind the plant by providing engineering, design, and expertise in piping and mechanical repairs and maintenance, ensuring a consistently reliable operation.


Our Pipeline Maintenance Division is instrumental in the upkeep and safety of Enbridge's extensive pipeline network. Our team specializes in a wide spectrum of maintenance and capital project services, ensuring these pipelines operate efficiently and securely. Notably, our status as a preferred vendor within the Enbridge network grants us the privilege of working seamlessly across their numerous properties throughout Ontario. We prioritize safety, environmental responsibility, and compliance with industry regulations in all our endeavors, recognizing the critical role these pipelines play in supplying energy resources to communities in the region.

Imperial Oil

Imperial Oil

As a mechanical contractor at Imperial Oil in Sarnia since 2014, our team has played a pivotal role in various capital projects, tank maintenance projects, and firewater projects. One of our most significant contributions has been in the field of firewater projects, where we have excelled in the installation of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping systems. Our expertise and dedication have not only ensured the safety and reliability of firewater systems but have also strengthened the overall infrastructure of Imperial Oil, making us an indispensable partner in their ongoing success.

Nova Chemicals - AST2

Our team played a supporting role in the construction of Nova Chemicals' impressive AST2 facility, situated at the state-of-the-art Rokeby Site in St. Clair Township, ON. This world-scale facility is set to revolutionize the industry, boasting a staggering production capacity of approximately one billion pounds of polyethylene annually. As part of our support, we took on the challenging task of installing a state-of-the-art flare stack and not one, but two cutting-edge boilers. This project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to contributing to the growth and success of Nova Chemicals' operations. Additionally, the Cracker Expansion within the facility will significantly enhance ethylene feedstock supply, expanding the existing cracker's capacity by over 50 percent, further underscoring the magnitude of this endeavor.

Nova Chemicals Sarnia
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